Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Life In Miniature

Yesterday while drowning my sorrows in a bag of chocolate, I contemplated my approach to tackling a "to do" list...

Like most people (I think), I usually hit the thing I like to do best, first. (Like blogging trumps paying bills, and definitely wins over deciding whether to cancel this cycle. Hence the reason I have suddenly become sooo very prolific on both my blogs.)

Then I look down the list, skipping over my second favorite thing, and jump straight to the third thing. This is usually something that I don't really like to do, but also don't completely hate doing either.

Once I'm revved up (I guess some people might allude to this as procrastinating, but who are they to judge, right?!) and in "to do" mode, I hit my absolute least favorite thing.

And after accomplishing that crappy task, I reward myself by doing my second favorite thing on the list.

After some thought (I had waaaay too much time on my hands yesterday), I realized that this approach is very similar to the way I like to tackle a bag of Hersey's Miniatures (which I happened to be munching on during all this deep pondering)...

First, I eat the Special Dark bars, because damn it, they're the best.

Next, I eat the Goodbars. The peanuts are alright. They place a solid third.

Then I eat the Krackle bars because I don't really like them too much.

And I finish off with the Hersey bars, because they are definitely my second favorite.

Once I finished spinning all these Forrest Gumpish thoughts, I realized... Wow, depression sure does take me to some strange places. And I began to wonder if anyone else eats their miniatures the same way. Hmmm....

1 comment:

  1. After Halloween, I used to hoard the Special Darks and then try to trade the rest to my sister for something better. I'm pretty sure I never ate any of the others.

    I might have the same problem with my to-do list...