Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Rolling, Rolling...

So we bonked. We rolled. We steamed through the tunnel and beyond. And you know what...? I don't even know if my tubes work! I never had them tested. After I turned 40 and went running to the RE, we plunged into IVF and never looked back, around, or even down the tubes. My one precious little egg could have been sitting there on one side a terrible road block calling out "Marco!" without ever even hearing the faint whisper of a "Polo!" in return.

I definitely don't feel pregnant. No tugging or pulling. No sharp shooting pain. No tender boobs. And I'm still peeing neon yellow. (I take a lot of extra B's which makes my pee bright yellow, except for when I become pregnant. If I'm pregnant, my pee goes back to normal color. It's usually my first clue.) Sooooo.... I'm thinkin' nada this time. Oh well. I wasn't really holding my breath.

On the upside, I have a fridge full of Follistim! Yipee!!

So, bring on the red tide and let's get this party going!


  1. Wow, I never heard of the B pee color-change! I wonder if that works for everybody?

    Of course, I hope it turns out that the B test didn't work for you this time. I am certainly not one for building up false hope with a lot of "it could totally happen" kind of comments. But I would be thrilled for you if it worked out that way...

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