Thursday, 5 November 2009

You're The Only One For Me

Sooooo drumroll please....

...ready for the update??

Here it is...

...I have one. One growing follicle. Arg! Other than just being sad, I'm trying to decide if we should continue with egg retrieval, etc. Oh boy. Getting old sucks!


  1. Oh no! I'm sorry you don't have a bunch of follicles to work with. Will your RE retrieve a single follie? I hear a lot about IVFs being converted to IUIs.. just wondering.

    It's a tough decision, that's for sure. If you don't do a retrieval, do you think you might regret it later? If that choice is likely to gnaw at you later, you may help your sanity by going for it. Then again.. if you can cancel and be at peace with that choice, then it could be easier on you in a lot of ways. Sorry things aren't going better for you! ((hugs))

  2. Oh crud. Just....crud.

  3. One just sucks. And I say that knowing that it only takes one, etc. etc. - but in the nerve-wracked waiting of an IVF cycle, one doesn't leave you with much wiggle room.

    Are you on a poor-responder protocol? My last cycle was A LOT more follistim and a menopur push at the end, which supposedly helps with maturation. I finally had decent results with the heavy-duty recipe - yeah, it felt risky and was super-expensive, but it made a huge difference.

    That said, there is this new fad for "mini-IVF" which tries to produce only one egg, so maybe you'll be part of that trend? That would be perfect!

  4. PS - I have tagged you for a random-info blog assignment. Grab the jpeg from my post and have fun with it!