Monday, 9 November 2009

Optimism 101

First off, I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you!! to each of you that left internet warm fuzzies in my comment box on the last post. You guys are the BEST!! And, quite frankly, you are the only reason that I am not shooting myself in the head right now.

And along those lines, there was actually some shooting done last night (and as I mentioned, no need to worry, no heads were involved... only asses this time.) We triggered. Yep, we did. I let my lovely husband stick it to me. He really does love giving me an ol' jab in the ass. (I think he's secretly sad that my clinic doesn't use PIO any more!)

Here's the thinking (and in case you're wondering everyone from my RE to my acupuncturist is on board with this train of thought)...

1. When I conceived my son, I only had 3 embryos. One 6 cell and two 4 cells. It most likely was the 6 cell that took.

2. When I conceived prior to my miscarriage, I only had one embryo. Yet I got pregnant. (Unfortunately it just wasn't the best embryo.)

3. Women my age typically only produce one good egg per cycle.

4. So deductive reasoning would lead us to this... why the heck not give it a go. It seems I usually produce one passable egg and on rare occassions a couple not so passable ones. So, we're basically where we have always been, minus the false hope we sometimes have at the sight of the couple crappy extra ones which show up every now and again.

Tomorrow morning is my retrieval and then if I've got anything to transfer, it'll probably be Thursday. I'm crossin' my fingers, hard, hoping that this one makes it. And I hate to sound needy, but if you've got a couple of spare fingers that you're not doin' anything with on Tuesday/Wednesday, I'd love it you'd cross them for me too.



  1. Speaking as an actual scientist, I have to say that your reasoning sounds perfectly logical. Good for you! I will definitely keep a couple fingers crossed. ((hugs))

  2. Go, Gwynn, Go! Ahhh, you are my hero! I can't wait to hear the updates on how this one goes (who knows, maybe there'll be another lurker or two in there--I always seemed to have one or two more than the RE saw on the screen). My newest chant for you: One Will Get It Done! One Will Get It Done!